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(Mr Vinod Azad who was a hope to many underprivileged kids, left for heavenly abode on 26 July, 2013, nearly two months after this interview. Being a passionate dancer and a gem of a person, he was an inspiration to many. Mr Azad may have left us in person but your spirit and passion will keep powering our mission forward.)

Someone very rightly said, "Dancing is similar to the foot as poetry is to the mind." So our next interview features a contributor who contributes to the society in the form of a diverse form like Dance. The man is Vinod Azad, who for the past six years has been teaching various forms of dance, free of cost to the under privileged kids belonging to slum areas, at the Government Model School, Sector 24, Chandigarh.
So here is the interview with the well known dancer of the tricity (Chandigarh, Punchkula, Mohali), Vinod Azad:

  •  What is your background and where do you come from?  How did the passion for dance arise in you in the first place?

I originally belong to Uttar Pradesh but was born and brought up in Chandigarh.I completed my graduation from Panjab University, Chandigarh. My interest in dance grew right from  my childhood days.
I really enjoyed dancing at marriage functions and parties.Once during a marriage function, a friend of mine was impressed by my dance moves that she offered me an invitation to join her dance group.So i joined her group so as to pursue dance as just a hobby. Because initially i did not think of turning dance into a profession.But as my association with the dance troupe increased , i thought of taking up dance seriously.
So after spending some months with the troupe,i went to Delhi for a formal training in dance.

  • With such a busy schedule how do you manage to take out time and teach these kids the diverse form of dance?
The question is not about how I manage to find time but how I manage time to teach these kids the right things. Because teaching dance is not about finding time but it is a part of my life and it has become a routine to teach these kids the various forms of dance. Also I feel that it is my moral duty to teach the kids ethical values through dance. I agree that I am not receiving any material benefits through this but the satisfaction, that these kids are giving their 100 percent, is what matters to me.

  • As compared to other art forms a dance is a heavily paid form of art. But you still teach these kids free of cost. Why?
Even though we proudly proclaim that we live in a mordenist 21st century but still there are prejudices against people from the lower strata of society. According to me our society dose not value the people belonging to the slum areas. And  because of this discrimination these people loose their path and turn to other activites like snatching, murder, kidnapping and especially drug addiction. So to keep their minds away from these evils, I teach them dance regularly. Thus, I am doing my bit to turn these individuals into better citizens of the society and that they are  not led astray.
                 (Vinod Azad with his students at the Government school, sector 24)

  • According to you what moral values is build up in children through dance? 
First and foremost discipline is the very thing they learn from dance. That is,  how to lead a peaceful life and not squander into inappropriate things. Dance is a form where co-ordination is one of the most important factors to achieve perfection, so that's why it teaches the students to learn the ethical value of co-ordination and chemistry not only in dance but also in their lives. A far as the physical fitness of the students is concerned dance involves many types of exercises which stimulates the fitness levels of the students to a whole new level. Also there are many theme  based performances which make the dancers aware about the various social issues prevalent in the society.

  • Parents view dance more of a extra curricular activity, it is placed after studies. What are you views.?
In my point of view education is an essential foundation to a man's character. The view of dance as an extra curricular activity is slowly changing. Dance now- a- days is a very lucrative profession  guaranteeing multiple opportunities in the field of performance arts. The view point of parents now should be to encourage their child towards any endeavor in which the child finds happiness.

                                       (Vinod Azad during his training sessions)

  •    Headlines these days are bounded by news of rapes, unemployment, murders etc. Amongst such negativity, people like you stay positive. What do you think? Can an individual bring in a change in the society?
Of course an individual can bring in a change. We at our respective places should take up reforms to bring in a change individually, seeing this our upcoming generations will be motivated to work for development of our society.  

  •   If u get a chance to take up one action for the very development of our society, and reduce all such negativity,  what would that be?
According to me youths are the future of our country. They should be sensitized to respect women, be good to fellow citizens, and work for our nation. According to me empowerment of youth of our nation would be the essential  movement i would take up.

  • Who are the people who assist you to stay positive?
My most important motivator would be my guide and mentor Mr. Zulfihar Khan. My parents, my wife and my two year old son has been my backbone all these years. Whenever I get free time, I try to spend time with them, it helps me to beat the stress of my work and return back with double energy and enthusiasm.
(Just another day at work)

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