Friday, 31 May 2013

One Man With Courage Is A Majority.

In our next news we present before you Sidharth Chopra who is working with TEACH A CHILD NGO.
Sidhharth  a.k.a  Sid, a 19 year old social crusader who is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Sciences (B.Sc.) from GGDSD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh. He has been a part of the NGO from the past 10 months. As a volunteer he teaches under privileged and economically weak students of the society.

Whenever a person indulges in such an endeavor, there is always some kind of influence or inspiration as to why the person wants to do his bit for the development of the society. "For me, it came from within. I was very depressed, devastated and moved on witnessing the plight of these children and how they were able to make both ends meet with so much difficulty."

Since Siddharth is associated with the education system as he teaches these underprivileged kids, we quiz him on how he feels that there could be a possible decline or a rot in our education system. "According to me
we totally can not blame our education system. As compared to other cities Chandigarh still has  better government schools and properly trained teachers. I also feel that sometimes teachers too are responsible and it is not the fault of students only." When it comes to parents Siddharth feels that parents sometimes hold the child so that he is not able to pursue his dreams. In case of poor people parents don't have enough financial resources  so as to support their child's education. "That's why I feel that their is fault of everyone and not just single person."

The movie 3 Idiots was a huge blockbuster because it carried a specific message of chasing your inner dream and fulfilling with excellence. On asking Siddharth that has the youth of today followed this message closely, he replies in a very subtle manner and he feels that the youth today are quite confident that they know everything and they don't need to care about the world. " I agree with the fact that the movie carried a strong message but its real impact has been only on  few people  rather than on much greater audience that it was supposed to."

"Another problem of our youth today  is that they have a very complacent approach to life. It has become a taboo to got to school, after that college, earn a degree etc. etc.

But these people don't realize what they actually want to do in life. So that's why I feel that the youth today should  have a pragmatic approach towards life rather than blatant one."

Forming an NGO is not a child's play, it requires a whole group of determined and grit filled individuals who want to help the society. "When I joined this NGO there were around 15 to 20 members who used to teach the kids. But gradually they lost their interest or got busy with other priorities. Sometimes finding volunteers becomes a challenge for us because most of them think that they are doing a social favor and not really impacting the lives of these children." With this mindset these individuals work for only two three months and after that they leave their NGO just because they feel that they have completed their  social favor." 

Siddharth has been working from the past 10 months and he is determined to continue working with this organisation.
"From the past 19 years I did everything what system demanded but i never had the faith and trust in our system. When I came to know about this initiative, this was the only thing which i have done voluntarily in my life. And I am pleased with the fact that Teach A Child has been instrumental in transforming my life for the better. The kids their are very strong willed and tough and they make me tougher day by day."

Since the youth today are becoming so demanding because their demands are more than their needs. And they don't even realize weather their parents could afford it or not. So keeping this in mind we asked Siddharth about any suggestions or any specific message for the youth brigade today.
"According to me the youth of today should realize the value of each and everything in life. Be it their parents, their career or the most trivial of the things. If they change their mindset, then only the society can change."

Their are many people in this world who want to do something for the society but the only reason why they are not able to do it is because of the fact that they don't have the resources or financial back up. So for Sidharth, we should target such youth, assign them particular tasks and most of all try to sensitize them so that they too can bring a change in the society either by themselves or joining organisations like Teach A Child. 

     (Sidharth, enjoying with one of the students)

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