Monday, 17 June 2013

Age No Bar for Anitha Arvind

Anitha Arvind, the social crusader, the activist, the human rights well wisher and the person striving for a change in the society.
Starting off with the basic information about Anitha Ji, she has done her graduation in English Literature from a reputed college in Kerala. Her post-graduation  was in the field of social work from a renowned university in Rajasthan.
Such was her passion for social welfare and charity that she also did a Post Graduate (PG) diploma in Child Welfare from the prestigious Cambridge University, England.

Starting the conversation with Anitha Ji, our question covered the aspect of women being confined to the four walls of the house after their marriage. She strongly disagrees with this taboo.
"I feel that women should be self dependent after marriage they should not restrict their horizons to their families only. They should realize their aspirations and considers that there's the whole world to be seen and explored. If such kind of a mindset and thinking arises then their caring towards fellow human beings will definitely be on a rise."

On asking about her contribution towards the widows of our society, she exclaims, "I recently organised a circus show especially for the widows and their children. I managed to get 171 widows on board to watch the circus, free of cost."  Since Anitha Ji has a wide range of contacts, so her friends helped her financially to organize this circus show.
"My main motive was to refresh and rejuvenate the minds of these widows and their children. So that they forget about all their worries and tensions and live a life filled with joy and happiness."
Anitha Ji has also helped a widow financially and supported the education of that widow's five children by geting them admitted in a good convent school under the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) quota.

                                    (Anitha Ji with the children of the widows at the circus show)

Everyone has an inspiration so as to do his or her's dream job. For Anitha Ji it was none other than her parents. "My parents instilled in me the feeling of brotherhood, sharing and caring not only for the fellow beings but also the needy people. In my parents' case they were also available 24x7 for the poor people who needed any kind of support or help."
Anitha Ji's parents taught her only one strong lesson and that was of helping the needy and not expecting anything in return. Even today she hasn't forgotten this message of her parents and this is the only thing that carries her on in her social en devours of helping the poor and the needy.

Anitha Ji is in such field of work which does not have any commercial returns but involves the support and guidance of her well wishers especially her family. "My husband and both children are very supportive of the work I do and never underestimate the fact that I am trying to bring a change in society and will succeed in doing so. "
But according to her social work  should never be done at the cost of your family because change starts at home first.

Moving toward the end of our beautiful and very inspiring conversation with Anitha Ji, we ask her as to what is the need of the hour, YOUTH EMPOWERMENT or WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. Her answer is very straight forward and practical, "There is no use of either of the one because empowerment of youth and women are both big phrases as none of them is followed closely in a country like India. I feel that the top officials of our country are the ones who exploit the common man specially the middle class society."
(The Iron Lady with the determination to CHANGE)
For Anitha Ji, the actual empowerment should come from within. If such a thing happens then only empowerment of any kind can be achieved. Moral values, facilitating fellow humans, unconditional love should be taught to the people so as to achieve the real empowerment.

Because Mahatma Gandhi rightly said,

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